Sustainability is at the heart of our business. We believe in the benefits of organic farming and it is our purpose to bring sustainable and organic certified ingredients to the market. We are proud to work with thousands of organic farmers and to supply organic ingredients to some of the world’s most sustainable and socially responsible brands.  We are committed to promoting the benefits of sustainable agriculture. These benefits include better health for farmers and workers, better soil quality, reduced CO2-emissions and protection for bees and other pollinators. We utilise our own sourcing networks and work together with suppliers to continue to grow sustainable production. In addition, we leverage strategic partnerships to improve integrity and to further develop the sustainable Agriculture sector.

Our own sourcing projects put us in a unique position to help our customers accomplish their sustainable sourcing goals. Together with our producers, we work hard to promote environmental and social standards at origin. We invest in our farmers and help them to obtain environmental and social certifications. Initiatives such as this allows us to assist our customers in monitoring and improving social and environmental standards throughout their supply chain. 


Utilizing leading-edge technologies and infrastructure, resources and expertise across different sectors of the food industry, we establish the most effective logistics solutions for each individual product, in many instances we customize products for local or regional forward distribution, prepare goods for export to other countries or support manufacturing in order to simplify our customer’s supply chain.


We employ an extensive team of locally stationed field scouts and agronomists who work directly with farmers and processors to initiate and support conversion projects, scout for new suppliers, items or ideas and more generally continuously ensure the quality and organic integrity of our products. This local presence has enabled us to build a number of successful sourcing projects that provide us with a steady and secure supply of a wide range of organic ingredients.


Our trading consultants are experts in both the financial markets and the world of agricultural production. This positions them as a fantastic resource for anyone looking for advice when trading agricultural commodities.  Each of our trading consultants has extensive experience, focussing on each customer’s specific financial and production situation. We formulate a comprehensive suite of strategies to open up trading opportunities based on the goals of the customer.

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