Meleah Foods is dedicated to sourcing and processing premium quality, organic oil seeds and grains such as millet from Africa

through our strategically located operating points and partners. Our mission is to become the premier supplier

of high quality, competitively priced, organic oil seeds and grains to the world food and bakery sectors.  


Due to the wide distribution of agricultural production in the sourcing countries, we have established a complete collection and circulation system. The alliance includes farmers, agriculturalists, commodity traders, suppliers, brokers and transporters.  Our rigid QA systems ensure that only tested and verified ingredients are released for outbound delivery. Meleah Foods employs experienced agronomists and auditors to monitor and share best practices between all partners in the supply chain. We have deployed strict product specifications to rank product quality based on experience and market knowledge. 


Sourcing and importing certified quality raw materials from exotic countries can be a challenging task. We have thus developed strong competence in direct sourcing and managed processing to control product quality and integrity all the way from farm to warehouse.  We aim to continue our growth into a stable and well-funded organization possessing the right hedging tools to provide our customers peace of mind, offering generous credit terms and supply in local currency, whether it be Euro, USD, GBP or many others.


Our  extensive international team of locally stationed field scouts and agronomists work directly with farmers and processors to initiate and support conversion projects, scout for new suppliers, product or ideas and more generally continuously ensure the quality and integrity of our products. This local presence has enabled us to build a number of successful sourcing projects that provide us with a steady and secure supply of a wide range of ingredients.  We source globally and, where possible, spread our cultivations geographically to mitigate the effects of crop failures and other unforeseen issues. 

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